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Book Series♥Edit

The book series is about a girl named Elena Gilbert who lives with her Aunt Judith and little sister, Margeret. Elena's parents died in a car crash. She's a golden girl and is always used to getting what she wants , and when the new boy called Stefan Salvatore arrives , she wants him! But he has a deadly secret , which he struggles to resist her for the fear of his dark secret! Damon arrives , Stefan's twin brother, and he poses to anyone Stefan gets close to. Suddenly, Elena finds herself torn beetween both of the Salvatore brothers!

Who will she choose , read the books to find out!


Originel Books

The Awakening (1991)

The Struggle (1991)

The Fury (1991)

Dark Reunion (1992)

The Return

The Return: Nightfall (2009)

The Return: Shadow Souls (2010)

The Return: Midnight (2011)

The Stefan Diaries

Stefan Diaries: Orgins (2010)

Stefan Diaries: Bloodlust (2011)

Stefan Diaries: The Craving (2011)

The Hunters

Plantom (2011)

Moonsong (TBA)

Eternity (TBA)

^There is the list of the books!

TV Series♥Edit

Season 1

The TV series is about a girl called Elena Gilbert , who lives with her Aunt Jenna and 15 year old brother, Jeremy. Their Parents died in a car crash. Elena is like the star pupil at Mystic Fall's High School, beautiful , poupler , and kind. As they new school year starts , Elena is supported by her friends , and when the new boy , Stefan Salvatore arrives , everything changes , and she finally gets the man she wants. But this year Mystic Falls is getting a number of bodys drained of blood , and everyone thinks its animal attacks , but its actully vampires. When Elena finds out about the Supernautrel world , her world turns upside down!

Chapter 1 - The Vicki Chapter (Ep 1-7)

This chapter is the first chapter of season 1. It deals with the attacks which are happening very often, such as the bodys drained of blood!. Also this chapter involves the return of Damon Salvatore , Stefan's older brother. And finally the events which happen to Vicki Donovan who is a drug addict and changes into a vampire.

Chapter 2 - The Tomb Chapter (Ep 8-14)

This chapter is the second chapter of season 1. It deals with the aftermarth of Vicki's death. And the opening of the tomb, which is Damon's master plan to get his love back, Katherine Pierce. They open the tomb by the help of Shelia and Bonnie Bennett. Kathrine was not in the tomb, but all the other 26 vampires escape , leaving Mystic Fall a dangerous place once again!

Chapter 3 - The Lineage Chapter (Ep 15-22)

This chapter is the final chapter of season 1. It deals with the aftermarth of the tombs opening , the tomb vampires escaping, and Shelia's death. It also involves Elena finding out that she was adopted and learning who her real parents are. Finally the events of Founders Days and it was a very big blood bath! Also the return of Katherine

Season 2

The TV series is about two Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon, who are both in love with Elena. Katherine Pierce returns and looks esacilly like Elena , as Elena is the Doppleganger of her. There is a sun and moon curse which must sacrifice some of the most loved characters and the most powerful vampire is coming after Elena. As everyone is trying to protect each other , Klaus , the most powerful vampire, returns and he always gets what he wants.

Chapter 1 - The Katherine Chapter (Ep 1-7)

This chapter is the first chapter in season 2. It deals with the aftermarth of the deaths of the tomb vampires and the return of Katherine. Also Tyler Lockwood's uncle shows up and everyone finds out hes a werewolf. And finally the events of Caroline Forbes changing into a vampire and the imprisonment of Katherine in the tomb!

Chapter 2 - The Werewolf Chapter (Ep 8-14)

This chapter is the second chapter of season 2. It deals with the first transformation of Tyler , who is also a werewolf. Also it is an introduction to the Origanal Vampires who are the strongest vampires which have ever lived! And finally, the real reason for the curse of the Sun and the Moon

Chapter 3 - The Curse Chapter (Ep 15-22)

This chapter is the final chapter of season 2. It deals with the death of Elijah , who was an origanel vampire and the realese of Katherine from the tomb. The main event is surrounding the the curse , which needs Elena , a witch and a werewolf to break!

Next Episode♥Edit

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Next Episdode: The Sun Also Rises

Episdode Number: 44 (All episodes) 21 (season 2)

Airs: Tuesday 10th May 2011

Dierector: John Behring

Writter: Michael Narducci


As Klaus prepares for his sacrfice , with the help of his witch, Greta, Damon is with Katherine who then reavels to her that he's been bitten by a werewolf.

Character of the Month♥Edit

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Characters Name:Caroline Forbes


Status: Undead

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Student

Cause of Death:

Killed By: Katherine Pierce (as human)

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